External Digital Signage

There’s a new generation of large screen LED systems available that are both smaller in pitch design and larger than life, more versatile – and with greater overall value and ROI. 

Our new TL Vision Large Screen LED systems offer the best possible solution for your specific digital display applications. With LED pitches ranging from 3mm to 127mm, they can be configured in virtually any size and shape for outdoor use. All with exceptional quality, performance and reliability – at the right price. It’s a value proposition you’ll find most engaging – and your audience will too.

NDM's outdoor large screen systems strike the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. They offer the latest developments in LED technology and the definition you want for large scale imaging. A palette of 281 trillion colors provides exceptional color reproduction and images can be seen in almost any lighting condition. These LED systems are low maintenance and offer interchangeable panels that can be conveniently replaced onsite. The screens are perfect for stadiums, billboards, casinos and a host of outdoor applications.